POP displays can leverage smartphone to drive sales

Smartphones are changing consumer purchasing behaviour. Trends show that shoppers are now researching product information and reviews, in real-time during purchasing decisions as well as in advance online. 37% of Australia’s 22 million population are smartphone users and Telstra predicts it to reach 50% by year end 2012. Of these 26% have purchased something on their smartphone.

For brands to seize this opportunity and take control at the point of purchase, you must integrate the online/offline communication touch points and direct the consumer every step of the way. This means creating engaging display units which educate the customer through interactivity, a strong call to action and guided information.

In this changing market, brands have new opportunities to create engaging point of purchase design which leverage tools like the smartphone, to drive sales. So here is some food for thought for your next POP campaign and how you can incorporate this dynamic technology;

  • Reward the consumer for telling or emailing a friend
  • Ask them to like it on Facebook for a chance to win or an instant discount/offer coupon
  • Take them via a QR code directly to favourable reviews rather than let them find unfavourable ones. (32% of those surveyed prefer to read online reviews before they buy – Nielson Q3,2011)
  • Then, why not reward them for adding a review!
  • Take them through your range and complementary products, while they are there buying.
  • Send them to your webpage for a coupon/ offer that can be redeemed while they are in store to drive an impulse sale.
  • Offer free home delivery for bulky goods, if they purchase from your online store while in store.

And finally, why not target the last minute gift-shopper, life myself. I’ve found the product in store, now the display provides a QR code that takes me directly to the online store where I can select to have it gift wrapped, tagged and delivered. Now, that’s my idea of a shopper experience.

Source: Google. Nielson

Georgie Torrens
Marketing Manager
Creative Instore Solutions

About Creative Instore Solutions

Established in 1995, Creative Instore Solutions is a global point of purchase design and manufacturing powerhouse that blends creativity with structural engineering to conceive sustainable designs which drive incremental sales. It’s an award winning combination that sees them work with a blue chip client base. CIS, whose head office is in Sydney, have offices in North America and Europe, managing a global network of design and logistics with manufacturing out of their China industrial centre. CIS’ client base includes PepsiCo, Smiths Snack Food Co, Mars, Schweppes, Woolworths, Microsoft, Lion Nathan, Pernod Ricard, Panasonic, Vodafone, Twinings Tea, Lenovo, Garmin, and Kraft. To date, CIS has won over 70 global and Australian industry Awards, including the Premier’s NSW Export Award, Professional and Business Services category 2013.
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