Vodafone’s ‘next generation’ sim card display units: CIS combines two functionalities into one

CIS are excited to be chosen by Vodafone to design and develop their ‘next generation’ sim card display units. As recognised recently by marketing magazine B&T, the units are currently being rolled out across supermarkets (Woolworths and Coles Express), newsagencies and service stations in Australia.

A Point of Purchase Online Network article describes the unit as enabling easy shopper engagement at point-of-purchase, giving the product more premium positioning in-store and retailers greater flexibility.

“We wanted a single unit to effectively communicate our ‘connect’ story to shoppers by backing up the SIM cards with handsets and brochures. In addition to brand communication, the flexibility of this new unit helped us achieve economies of scale as we now have only one modular structure with multiple functionalities that can be used in different environments,” said Adam Russell, Prepaid Channel Marketing Manager – Mass, Partner & Retail at Vodafone.

The semi-permanent units replace two different display systems Vodafone previously had in place. They have the flexibility of being used in three ways: as standalone units for routes with more space such as grocery or as towers in convenience stores or as a  ‘product bin’ only for low height options. Another added benefit is a better environmental footprint than the previous systems. With their semi-permanent nature, they have a longer shelf life and allow for moulding and paper graphics to be interchanged and recycled.

About Creative Instore Solutions

Established in 1995, Creative Instore Solutions is a global point of purchase design and manufacturing powerhouse that blends creativity with structural engineering to conceive sustainable designs which drive incremental sales. It’s an award winning combination that sees them work with a blue chip client base. CIS, whose head office is in Sydney, have offices in North America and Europe, managing a global network of design and logistics with manufacturing out of their China industrial centre. CIS’ client base includes PepsiCo, Smiths Snack Food Co, Mars, Schweppes, Woolworths, Microsoft, Lion Nathan, Pernod Ricard, Panasonic, Vodafone, Twinings Tea, Lenovo, Garmin, and Kraft. To date, CIS has won over 70 global and Australian industry Awards, including the Premier’s NSW Export Award, Professional and Business Services category 2013.
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