Omni-channel brings POP to the forefront

Global CEO Deane Hubball was in the UK recently and according to him, the big topic of discussion is the evolution of omni-channel marketing. Whilst many companies now have an instore and online presence, most of them are also working on bringing online instore rather than treating them as two separate or competing channels.
According to Deane, many brands in the UK are using initiatives such as Click and Connect or Click and Deliver to lure in customers. In Australia (and globally), technology such as Tapit (near field communications) are gaining ground in omni-channel marketing by allowing companies to integrate technology at point of purchase.
MarketingWeek UK hit the nail on the head, stating: “As an industry that has long been associated with temporary cardboard displays, the point-of-purchase sector has become used to more glamorous elements of the marketing mix hogging the limelight. But now it has a new spring in its step thanks to the rapid uptake of mobile technology, which means that point of purchase communications can be delivered almost anywhere.”

About Creative Instore Solutions

Established in 1995, Creative Instore Solutions is a global point of purchase design and manufacturing powerhouse that blends creativity with structural engineering to conceive sustainable designs which drive incremental sales. It’s an award winning combination that sees them work with a blue chip client base. CIS, whose head office is in Sydney, have offices in North America and Europe, managing a global network of design and logistics with manufacturing out of their China industrial centre. CIS’ client base includes PepsiCo, Smiths Snack Food Co, Mars, Schweppes, Woolworths, Microsoft, Lion Nathan, Pernod Ricard, Panasonic, Vodafone, Twinings Tea, Lenovo, Garmin, and Kraft. To date, CIS has won over 70 global and Australian industry Awards, including the Premier’s NSW Export Award, Professional and Business Services category 2013.
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