Advancing internationally with EXO

Exo Release

When Creative Instore Solutions advanced their focus for export growth through their North American & European companies, it brought to light the need for up to the minute project transparency in their enterprise system. “When you have the complexity of resources across the globe participating in any single project, it’s vital we have transparency to ensure delivery on time, in full and to budget” announced Georgie Torrens COO.

Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) is a global point of purchase design and manufacturing powerhouse blending creativity with structural engineering to conjure up sustainable designs that drive incremental sales for their globally established clients. It’s been an award winning combination that has seen them work with many household brands. With their head office based in Sydney, they now service their multinational clients from their offices in North America and Europe while managing a global network of design and logistics with manufacturing out of their China industrial centre.

Torrens had to make a decision about replacing their existing ERP system, “The objectives for that decision were the amount of time and resources that it would take to transition to a new system; the operational constraints the current system presented with our project P&L’s integrating labour & expenses from four entities in up to four different currencies, while also setting up a strong foundation for the future in terms of financial transparency.”

CIS’s previous system wasn’t keeping up with the pace the industry had moved to. They have far less time to develop custom concepts, calculate project estimates and deliver prototypes to client’s. Previously, they had a number of weeks to deliver this, with client’s expectations now as shorts as 48 hours. This accelerated the need for up to the minute consolidated project P&L’s along with transparent business cashflow requirements in five currencies. The business required a lot more automated functions from the system that could be delivered within a timely implementation period and to a budget that offered an adequate ROI. MYOB’s new product EXO Business met these requirements.

“By setting up an automated real time view of the consolidated project P&L’s, departments now have real time transparency and are armed to make decisions on projects which we feel will provide a higher level of customer service and greater efficiency in driving down costs. Adding to that, the significant decrease in month end processing allows those in the business to focus ahead more strategically and with far greater knowledge.” added Torrens.

Ronnie Baskind, Managing Director of Kilimanjaro Consulting, acknowledges that “we at Kilimanjaro believe that every implementation is a journey and each one follows a distinct route. By listening and recognising CIS’ unique needs, we have been able to provide a platform that will deliver an immediate ROI with a system we will collectively mould for business efficiency as they continue to grow their international business.

MYOB has recognised Kilimanjaro Consulting the only recognised Diamond Partner.

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Designing a future for Knox Students

Knox Grammar

Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) continued the now annual event of showcasing the business of design to the next up and coming industrial designers by today hosting over 30 Year 11 students from Knox Grammar School. Providing a tour of the Sydney Head Office facilities and showing the students the business side of industrial design, including everything from concept creation to financial management.  This years’ tour, which continued annual tradition can serve to guide students interested in laying the foundation for a future in the design industry.

On entering the facility the participants from Knox are always met by Managing Director and company founder, Steve Howell, whose energy and enthusiasm for the next “cool idea” and mastery of CIS history gets the students quickly engaged. Once the introduction is over students are split into rotating groups of educational briefings on all business facets including Finance, Operations, Creative and Production Design.

The boys also embark on a tour of the head office facility which showcases the latest CIS designed and manufactured units to hit the market to ensure an end to end understanding of the CIS motto “ideation to creation”.

The annual event has formed a key part of the CIS calendar for eight years and helps the students understand the true impact of good design, allowing those interested in pursuing a career in the industry a rounded understanding to supplement their in school learning.

The students, who at the conclusion of the visit are always tasked with a live client brief as part of their overall assessment get to see the design team in action, brainstorming, sketching and rendering concepts for live client briefs. This process enables the students to truly grasp the creative driven ethos that is CIS and take this into the assessment approach.

The CIS employees from all departments look forward to the students visit from the on site interaction to the submission of the final assessments and photography of the prototypes weeks later.

Showcasing commercial design and its impact in the real world, is as always, a fantastic initiative by CIS to help students gain a more comprehensive design experience. The boys look forward to this each year on the Knox calendar, helping them onto their next design challenge and eventually into a HSC major work. Business success is more than just a cool idea, and it is the well-rounded overview provided by CIS that helps our students design their future “said Andrew Grattan, Head of Design and Technology, Knox Grammar School, Sydney.

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Capturing Gold with a Mexican Fiesta

Deane Hubball, Group CEO and Charles Somers, Director of Business Development accepting the POPAI Indian

Deane Hubball, Group CEO and Charles Somers, Director of Business Development accepting the POPAI Indian

Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) triumphed at the 2015 Global POPAI Marketing at Retail awards, announced as winners in the Food, Grocery & Convenience Semi-Permanent category with the Doritos Mexican Fiesta display. CIS designed and manufactured the iconic point of purchase cart that invokes the culture of Mexico while showcasing the Doritos brand. The off location placement of the Doritos product in the fresh food aisle was designed to create an occasion around a big night in i.e. Nacho Night occasion for shoppers.

This year’s Global Awards had submissions from 11 countries entering over 80 displays, the largest number of entries the competition has had to date. CIS were represented at the global awards ceremony which took place during the industries largest retail tradeshow GlobalShop, by Group CEO, Deane Hubball and Charles Somers, Director of Business Development North America.

“We are extremely pleased to be recognised as a global leader in innovation and design, it is an honour our entire international team should be extremely proud of. We are thrilled that our success for our client has been recognised within the industry’s most prestigious award events and we hope to have the opportunity to achieve even more through 2015 & beyond.” said Deane Hubball, Group CEO, Creative Instore Solutions whilst accepting the POPAI Indian.

General Manager of POPAI Australia and New Zealand, Lee McClymont said it was indicative of Australia’s innovation in the Shopper Marketing space, to achieve such global recognition. “Australia has been punching above its weight on the Shopper Marketing world stage, for some time now. For companies from our region to take out four of the 17 global awards categories this year, demonstrates our thought leadership, innovation and excellence in an environment where shoppers are more discerning than ever,” said Ms. McClymont.

The fifth annual global awards recognise the most innovative and effective marketing at retail displays that lift sales and engage shoppers. To be eligible, the display must have won Gold in their local POPAI chapter. Local POPAI awards are run in over 30 countries globally.

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Celebrating Fine Wine Partners gifting in-store

Fine Wine Partners Gifting Unit

Fine Wine Partners Gifting Unit

Fine Wine Partners (FWP) enlisted Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) to raise the bar on the wine gifting category in store taking the guess work out of “what wine to pick” for the consumer. Leveraging their range of domestic and international brands, such as Croser and Bollinger and the extensive range of correlating gifting items was a key driver for the resulting merchandisability of the CIS designed display.

FWP wanted a luxurious, premium unit in creating a sense of ” the gift itself is the reason to believe”, specifically capturing key holiday periods that lend themselves to gifting including Valentines day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas & NYE.

Keeping with the brand portfolio, FWP required a highlight on sophistication with the key deliverable of the display to drive uplift in sales and visibility for the gifting occasion. The design asthenic centred around understanding that liquor retail environments would be motivated to maximise on counter location, if the result had a premium look and was durable in construction and ensured retailer uplift.

The lightweight but sturdy display stand is easy to assemble, comes flat-packed all whilst being easy to shop with maximum gift visibility. Additionally, the viability of being able to re-dress the display by brand or occasion maximises long term ROI for Fine Wine Partners across their portfolios.

“The design was capable of communicating one story across the FWP portfolio, in addition to securing in store presence by being flexible across channels with the ability to transform and re-brand by season ensuring the brief objectives were achieved” said Deane Hubball, Group CEO, Creative Instore Solutions.

Amanda Goddard, Activation Manager, Fine Wine Partners agreed “Creative Instore Solutions hit the mark on our brief creating a luxurious, premium unit to showcase both our domestic and international brands in the gifting category”.

The unit has been rolled out in Dan Murphy’s and Independent Liquor retailers nationally.

Fine Wine Partners was launched in 2005 to provide sales, market activation, public relations and distribution services for an unrivalled portfolio of premium Australian and International wines, champagnes, spirits, craft beers and boutique waters.

Fine Wine Partners have dedicated sales teams based in every State and Territory in Australia. They specialise in servicing on premise consumption restaurants and venues and national and independently owned retail outlets. They are fully owned by Lion Nathan and the head office is based in Sydney.

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Asahi Activation Allure


Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) developed and manufactured a point of purchase display sure to catch the consumer on their path to purchase for Asahi Premium Beverages. The universal floor trolley has the optimum footprint to take the average sized alcohol beverage carton while being slimline and adaptable in its shelving configuration to enable multiple planogram designs.

The powder coated steel chassis is the perfect framework for the Asahi brands imaging allowing seamless changeability for Asahi, Cruiser, Somersby and Woodstock branding. The flexibility of the display makes it perfectly suited in a drive-thru, in-store or on premise environment either individually, back to back or side by side to form a row for maximum brand presence.

“By creating a free standing mobile floor stand display unit (FSDU) with the ability to rebadge for different brands across the Asahi portfolio CIS have ensured critical value add for our customer through their activation cycle” said Deane Hubball, Group CEO, Creative Instore Solutions.

“Quite simply our independents and sales reps love the stand” concurred Matt Arnott, Trade Marketing Manager – Independents, Asahi Premium Beverages.

The first run of the unit has been rolled out across 250 independent stores nationally.

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Doritos launch a Mexican Fiesta

Doritos Mexican Fiesta

Doritos Mexican Fiesta

PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) has launched a Mexican Fiesta in independent supermarkets. To support this program, Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) designed an iconic point of purchase cart that invokes the culture of Mexico while showcasing the Doritos brand. The off location placement of the Doritos product in the fresh food aisle is designed to create an occasion around a big night i.e. in Nacho Night occasion for shoppers. It allows the rack to generate impulse sales with associated fresh food products such as avocados and tomatoes leveraging the Mexican fiesta theme whilst showcasing Doritos as the hero product.

The aim for the Doritos brand was to create an occasion in store, based on shopper insights around the impulse nature of snacks linking to social sharing occasions. This, when coupled with the popularity of Mexican cuisine, lead to the development of the Mexican Fiesta concept. The key for the display was to engage the shopper and create a true meal solution with all adjacency products within arm’s reach to increase the retailer’s basket size. The success of the Doritos Cart was emphasised winning GOLD at the recent POPAI ANZ Marketing at Retail Awards 2014 in the Short Run Category.

The key to this unit is to get shoppers to increase the frequency of their Doritos corn chip purchase by providing an additional purchase occasion for shoppers. Due to the high impulse nature of the snack category, the design concept for Mexican Fiesta was built around creating a destination in store that would interrupt the shopper journey and provide inspiration for them. The first step is for shoppers to see the display, then to stop and interact with recipe ideas including meal suggestions displayed on the stand, and then lead shoppers to multiple purchases by creating an ‘easy meal option’

The display was designed for maximum flexibility in both shopper communication, range of adjacency products and ticketing. This allowed for different price points to be reflected from the display and the ability to create a bundled price offer for the shopper. This was clearly aided by the in store display that inspired shoppers to create the taste of Mexico at home, stopping busy consumers in their tracks.

By commanding the attention of the shopper in the off premise fresh food aisle of the independent retailer, cutting through clutter based on the iconic food cart design and driving retailer fresh food uplift the cart design is a true point of purchase success story.

“CIS designed and manufactured the cart, and we are delighted with its success in engaging consumers and in helping to positively impact sales of Doritos as well as associated products like avocado and capsicums.”
said Deane Hubball, Creative Instore Solutions, Group CEO. “

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Kellogg’s To Go

Kellogg's Five Tier Display

Kellogg’s in conjunction with Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) have produced a point of sale display showcasing the consumer ‘To Go’ snacking option and providing an iconic option for retailers. The striking unit creates high Kellogg’s brand visibility utilising show stopping Kellogg’s Red to cut through the retail clutter. The polished clear sides both protect the Kellogg’s product whilst ensuring high visibility for the consumer.

CIS understand that engaging customers and unlocking growth opportunities in retailers across the UK was the key driver for Kellogg’s and the design led approach focused on achieving this result for the client. The stand is a perfect fit within the store environment and sized to fit well with associated off premise locations which remind consumers about the snacking occasion. The display unit has been designed to hold shelf ready packaging which makes stock replenishment much easier for store staff and merchandisers, removing the need to decant product.

CIS and Kellogg’s also ensured the long-term return on investment by forming adaptability based on the modular design which can be varied in height, hang off a wall or placed as a single cell on a counter. Additionally, all graphics are updatable safeguarding the brand and promotional strategic changes can be made with minimal effort. Speed of assembly is guaranteed due to minimal parts with the unit being flat packed for merchandising and transportation ease.

CIS pride themselves on designing and delivering truly iconic point of sale displays for customers to ensure their brands stand out in the cluttered retail environment.

The display can be seen in over 3000 high street stores across the UK.

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