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CIS – ‘Top of the POP’s’

Here’s our iconic Miss BIC® lighter featured in UK based Retail Focus magazine’s ‘Top of the POP’s’ column this month. The small foot print modular, ready- to-be-used on the counter units have been rolled out across convenience and route sectors … Continue reading

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Omni-channel brings POP to the forefront

Global CEO Deane Hubball was in the UK recently and according to him, the big topic of discussion is the evolution of omni-channel marketing. Whilst many companies now have an instore and online presence, most of them are also working … Continue reading

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Mobile and technology powerhouses foray into retail to capitalise on omni-channel marketing

Omni-channel marketing is the industry buzzword right now. It was heavily talked about at the Marketing at Retail Show in Paris earlier this year and at the In-store Conference in UK last month. And unsurprisingly, global mobile and technology companies … Continue reading

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Increasing Sales: Consumer Pathways to Purchase

“Research shows that a 1% increase in dwell time is linked to a 1.3% rise in sales,” says CEO Sharon Biggar of Path Intelligence. Path Intelligence works with UK retail brands to track their customers, simply by passively observing where … Continue reading

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Attitudes can make or break an organisation

The US economy is moving through challenging times and on average disposable income has reduced, but consumers are still spending $600 to $700 on an ipad.  On my recent travels through the US, Europe, UK and Asia I met with … Continue reading

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CIS expands into America, UK and Europe

CIS global expansion plans are underway, celebrating new project wins and executions in North America and Europe – we welcome Nobby’s (PepsiCo) in Mexico, BIC® in France and Kellogg’s in the UK. Our global presence already includes offices in the UK … Continue reading

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Kellogg’s goes premium across UK with CIS

CIS Europe gave Kellogg’s an edge in accessing vital shoppers and consumers looking for nutritious and healthy snacks on-the-go by designing a range of stylistic and premium point-of-purchase (POP) displays. Designed to fit into multiple target routes including education centres, … Continue reading

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